Continuous Function for your Business

Resilience and Growth

Building a resilient and profitable business is no simple project in today’s financial environment. There are so many things to get wrong. Constructing a company can be likened to building a house. Each building block is based upon strong foundations and care within construction of each layer. Occasionally an element of the business can either change or become damaged, due to unforeseen events. Having well designed and implemented change management processes and business continuity procedures helps a company to manage change without risking damage to the business.

It makes good sense to have considered the business environment and regulations affecting a person’s business aspirations before moving to write a business plan. Suitable premises and investment are vital if the business is to become a success.

What of the nuts and bolts of a business venture? If the desired products or services are to be reliably supplied, consideration must be given to dependable supply of utilities and having a secure workplace. Equipment will always need to be purchased and maintained, whether it is heavy machinery for the factory or IT equipment and furniture for the office.

So you have a suitable environment for your business. You just need to make it happen!

  • Will your products or services need the help of materials suppliers or contractors?
  • What of the processes your business will operate under normal circumstances?
  • Which of the above processes will need to remain active, should something nasty happen; and to what extent can those processes be reduced in capacity or speed?
  • To effectively operate, a business needs access to information. What, when, where and to whom?

“Our people are our greatest assets” A phrase often heard within the corporate environment. The skills of your business team or maybe those of just one individual are vital for a company to survive and grow. Skilled and competent staff is a valuable commodity. Everyone wants to “win the lottery” but what if, for example, your entire finance department won the lottery and left immediately? We all wish for that chance, however a lesser favourable reason for absence is a more realistic probability.

Business Continuity is at the heart of your business:

  • Plan for succession and contingency of people suddenly missing from the business;
  • Recognise risk or sudden customer or supplier failure that may impact your flow of products or services;
  • Know when, where how and to whom information must be made available. You may not need to invest in IT systems, which deliver everything instantly after a major disruption.
  • Recognise that IT Disaster Recovery or ICT Continuity is a serving process to and controlled by the requirements of the Business Continuity Plan;
  • In any major event, your reputation is at risk if you fail to deliver products or services promptly and correctly.

Resilience of the business entails correct and timely implementation and management of all the supporting business elements. Such a hierarchy demands strong leadership to achieve a truly resilient and growing business.

Now just ask yourself:

  • Is there anything your company may have left out or skimped over in the rush to grow?
  • If a serious incident were to occur, would you be able to survive or would your carefully built business risk collapse?

If the answer is in any way falling short of what we suggest, please do contact us to help out and encourage your business growth with true resilience. We have a variety or solutions or bespoke, professional advice.   

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