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Is your business like a well-tuned race car?

Racing cars have to be both reliable and mighty if the team are to win that coveted trophy. The secret of success is in team rather than one individual. Even though a driver may get all the glory from the fans, the real heroes are the pit crew.

It begins with the design team. They must build a car that is both the fastest on the track and the most RESILIENT. Every potential RISK of failure will have been analysed and where possible, designed out to minimise the chance of unplanned disruption and costly delay to CONTINUITY of the race. Race scenarios are REHEARSED to ensure everyone knows exactly what to do on race day. The finely tuned machine consists not only of the car, but the whole team of experts.

Race day comes and the goal is to keep going fast with the minimum of pit stops. Many say that the race can be won or lost in the pits rather than just on the track. It starts to rain and the driver heads for the pit. The well-rehearsed team are ready with wet tyres. Car stops - refuel – raise car - slicks off – wets on – drop car – all clear? – flag up – accelerate to race. This is a clear process that becomes a practiced plan to avoid costly delay, because every second spent on the disruption sees another competitor passing by. The whole support is overseen by a pit crew chief, having the design technicians on-hand.

Your business needs to stay in the race and remain RESILIENT by analysing what could go wrong and avoiding failure wherever possible. Management and professionals, coordinated by a nominated risks and response lead, must work as a team to design out RISK of any potential disruptive or damaging events. Some things can neither envisaged nor effectively avoided. Your team will be well REHEARSED and each team member knowing exactly what they must contribute for your returning to business quickly. CONTINUITY of the business rests upon a good response process. People, business processes, suitable premises, information processing and business governance factors must be looked after by experts from within the business team. All is well-practiced and a business continuity process drawn up just in case it may be needed. Finally, the process is rehearsed at least annually to ensure nothing is left out or forgotten. When all is done you still have a chance of winning the race and keeping your fans.            

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