ABIDESUPPLY   is the service we offer to assess the resilience of your vital supply chain, contractors and partners, your extended resource that can often have issues that you may not know about. If your key supplier fails, so may you.

 What if your only source of materials or information were to suddenly interrupt or stop their business operations? Do you multiple source such services? Often there can only be one supplier or contractor, in which case you need to have the confidence that they can deliver when you need them to perform to contractual agreement. The Business Continuity Management Systems requirements standards ISO 22301 implies that you regularly inspect your supplier's capability to continue operating. This is especially important if they are the sole suppliers, only skilled contractor or a vital business partner, whose interruption could also be yours.

We know that a rigorous assessment, conducted by our expert will bring peace of mind and confidence in your key supplier, contractor or business partner

Suppliers and Contractors - Your point of risk?

At Abide Consulting, we know the importance of having a reliable supplier or contractor. Our Consultant will undertake an independent and unbiased assessment of their continuity capabilities and issue you a report to support your supplier relationship management process.

ABIDESUPPLY    service will entail first meeting with your Business Continuity representative and your Supplier Manager to really understand and agree the essential suppliers for your business operation. With your cooperation we will arrange meetings with your chosen suppliers. We will also request both Business Continuity and ICT Continuity documentation. We will inspect evidence of testing and ongoing improvements management. Our assessments will seek adequate control of the continuity programs, using ISO 9001 to benchmark a process document control and management process. Our focus upon ISO 22301 is foremost in our minds through the assessment process.

Finally, we will present our findings to you in a formal report and management presentation. We leave you with the peace of mind that your vital suppliers and contractors will likely be there when you really need them.

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